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REPORT :: Fundraising in the U.S. - a Privcap Briefing

APRIL 2015

Fundraising in the U.S.
An executive summary of the Privcap Video Series Fundraising in the U.S., sponsored by MVision.

Mounir Guen, alongside Richard Kunzer, Senior Partner of BC Partners and Mona Marquardt, Principal of Abbott Capital Management discuss what non-U.S. GPs need to know before coming to the U.S. to fundraise.

Key findings:

1. The U.S. private equity market is an essential source of capital for investors worldwide
2. Half of all LPs don’t return to a GP group’s next fund, and this creates challenges
3. Foreign GPs should be prepared to talk about their home markets to U.S. investors
4. Non-U.S. GPs need to make their presence known, even when not fundraising
5. Modern PE fundraising is complex, regardless of where it’s done

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