Press Article

MVision sponsors the fourth HandsOn-Sabre Kowloon Community Fun Day for children with disabilities

29 MAY 2016

Volunteers from MVision, HandsOn HK and Sabre Kowloon RFC welcomed the children to King’s Park on Sunday 29th May 2016. MVision also invited special guests to volunteer, including some of our GPs, LPs and their families.

Compared with the same event held in January 2016 the majority of the children participating were in their teens. Assisted by volunteers they completed a series of warn up exercises and drills, followed by a few matches cheered on by friends and family alike.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with lots of laughter and friendly competition throughout. Sabre Kowloon RFC and MVision collaborated to identify and liaise with the partner organisations. Sabre Kowloon RFC organised the venue, recruited many of the volunteers and devised and delivered the activities.