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MVision sponsors second HandsOn-Sabre Kowloon Community Fun Day for children with disabilities


To kick off the 2016/17 community activities, volunteers from MVision and Sabre Kowloon RFC welcomed 22 children to King’s Park on Saturday 16th January 2016. MVision also invited special guests to volunteer, including the Consul Generals of the US and New Zealand. The volunteers worked in small groups with the children while family and friends watched from the side-lines.

The children and volunteers spent 1.5 hours playing on the pitch, doing warm up exercises and rugby practice, then had lunch together for an hour. Some of the children stayed at King’s Park to watch a game of rugby being played afterwards.

Sabre Kowloon RFC and MVision identified and liaised with the partner organizations and briefed the volunteers on how to interact with the children. Sabre Kowloon RFC organized the venue, recruited most of volunteers and devised and delivered the activities. This was the second Community Fun Day MVision has sponsored with the Kowloon RFC.

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