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Dennis Kwan's keynote address in The 2016 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report


Dennis Kwan, Managing Director at MVision, was interviewed for The 2016 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report.

He provided his thoughts on the following questions:

- What do you see as the most important changes taking place in the infrastructure market today?
- Do you see more investors looking at infrastructure? Are there any specific types of institution that are showing particular interest at present?
- Are you seeing changes to the way institutional investors structure their infrastructure portfolios, such as more direct investments or co-investments?
- To what extent are investors focused on brownfield assets in developed markets? Is there interest in development opportunities or emerging markets?
- What are investors’ biggest concerns in the market at present? How can they mitigate these?
- What should investors be looking at closely when evaluating infrastructure managers?
- How competitive is the fundraising market at present?
- Are the fees charged by infrastructure funds evolving?
- What are the key things you look for in the managers you work with?
- Is the role of a placement agent/ fundraising advisor changing?

To download the full interview, please click here