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Dennis Kwan's keynote address in The 2015 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report


Dennis Kwan, Managing Director in our Hong Kong office, was interviewed for Preqin's 2015 Global Infrastructure Report.

Today is very different to five or six years ago… we are seeing two  changes in the investor universe:  (1) investors now like to participate  in co-investments; and  (2) they are expanding into new  geographic markets, as part of their  effort to diversify their portfolio.

He provided his thoughts on the following questions:

- What are the key attractions of infrastructure for institutional investors and what role are they expecting infrastructure to play in their portfolios?
- Are you seeing changes in the way investors structure their portfolios? 
- 2014 saw a lot of capital concentrated among a few of the largest players; will this remain the case in 2015? 
- What are the biggest risks associated with investing in infrastructure and are these changing? 
- Is pricing of infrastructure assets a concern? 
- Do you see any regions or sectors that are attracting a lot of investor interest? 
- How are regulatory changes such as AIFMD affecting the infrastructure market? 
- What are the key qualities you look for in fund managers you work with? 
- Have you seen any changes in the role of placement agents in the last few years? 
- What are the prospects for firms attempting to raise capital in 2015? How can they differentiate themselves? 


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