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Moose Guen's keynote address in The 2015 Preqin Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report


Moose Guen, Chief Executive of MVision, was interviewed for Preqin's 2015 Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report.


He provided his thoughts on the following questions:

- What key trends have you seen in the private equity fundraising market in 2014?
- As developed economies regain traction, do you see emerging markets losing ground in securing private equity capital commitments?
- How has the fundraising environment changed in the last 12 months for both private equity fund managers and investors?
- What factors do you see as having the most influence on private equity fund managers’ ability to secure capital commitments?
- Have you seen any attractive areas of investment emerge as countries around the world build innovation and develop expertise as you predicted last year?
- What are the challenges facing placement agents that operate across different geographies?
- How important is the length of time that private equity funds spend on the road?
- What is the outlook for first-time funds coming to market in 2015? How do you advise those that may not have an established track record or established base of investors?
- What is your opinion of the current alignment of interests between GPs and LPs?
- What are your predictions for the private equity industry in 2015?


To download the full interview, please click here