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Nick Wall's keynote address in The 2015 Preqin Global Real Estate Report


Nick Wall, Director at our San Francisco office, was interviewed for Preqin's 2015 Global Real Estate Report.

In a crowded market, investors spend so much of their time determining what makes managers tick, what differentiates them from their peers, and just as our investors do, we seek to work with experts in their space who can become long-term partners.

He provided his thoughts on the following questions:

- What are the prospects for firms attempting to raise capital in 2015? How can they differentiate themselves?
- What trends are you seeing in terms of investor appetite for Latin America?
- How can emerging managers raise capital successfully?
- Do you see interest in separate accounts increasing?
- Is it important for a manager to offer its investors the opportunity to coinvest and what difference does this makes to a fundraise, if any?
- How are regulatory changes such as the AIFMD affecting the real estate fund market?
- What are the key qualities you look for in fund managers you work with?
- What is important to you when you work with sector specialists in real estate?
- Have you seen any changes in the role of the placement agent in the last few years?


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