MVision has again proven to be the right fundraising partner for Gilde. They have used their in-depth knowledge of the private equity industry and their extensive network, to run an efficient and successful process, resulting in a fund that closed within a very tight timeframe at its hardcap. We salute the MVision team for their professional and engaged support.

Gilde Buy Out Partners - Ralph Wyss, Partner and Chairman

MVision knows the LP market better than we ever could. They introduced us to the right LPs at the right time which helped us secure commitments that we never would have gotten without them. The whole team was a pleasure to work with, and I’m glad to count them as friends.

FFL Partners - Greg Lau, Partner

Capvis IV is the third fund that we have raised with MVision. For our most recent fundraise, MVision was instrumental in helping us to raise, within less than 10 months, one of the largest DACH focused funds. Further, MVision helped us to substantially increase our support from long term investors, including public and corporate pension plans. MVision's expertise and relentless drive were also essential in securing commitments from high quality new investors.

Capvis Equity Partners - Rolf Friedli, Managing Partner

Alongside MVision’s deep understanding of the private equity industry, it is also extremely well connected with LPs across the globe.

MVision have been invaluable in attracting new investors to our Fund in a challenging environment and have added a significant amount of value to our fundraising process. We are particularly appreciative to them for their know-how and resources to champion our market and differentiate us from our competitors.

MVision was instrumental to our fundraise. They provided us with a first class service, and their in-depth expertise, knowledge and relationships assisted us in identifying the right investors across the globe. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Elbrus Capital - Alexander Savin, Managing Partner

This is the fifth fund that MVision has helped us to raise and in each process they have impressed us with their global expertise and deep understanding of the private equity industry. They have used this expert knowledge and their extensive sector network, to run an efficient and successful process, resulting in an oversubscribed fund that closed within a very tight timeframe. We were also impressed with the structure that they applied to the fundraising, carefully designed to fulfil our particular business needs.

Waterland Private Equity Investments B.V. - Frank Vlayen, Group Managing Partner/CEO

I want to thank you for the most professional way your team participated in our second fund raise. The quality of our investors in Fund II is most impressive and puts us on a solid future path for our group. MVision assisted us to develop such a successful Fund II in record time which is truly a testimony to them.

Anchorage Capital Partners - Phillip Cave, Chairman

Creating the first PE Real Estate Fund out of Turkey with Turkish GP and as first time managers was not an easy task. MVision, with their vast experience and very talented team, helped us structure the process, put us in front of the right investors and made the roadshow extremely smooth. A tough and painful process became a joyful experience. I am thankful to MVision for helping us build BLG Capital.

Bilgili Holding - Serdar Bilgili, Chairman

For us at CIPEF, the entire team at MVision is our partner of choice for fundraising. CIPEF VI fundraising has been even more successful than CIPEF V. Their strategic and tactical advice, teamwork and perseverance at achieving our common goals has no parallel in the global PE industry.

Capital International - Koenraad Foulon, CIPEF Co -Founder

The MVision team demonstrated a deep understanding of the dynamic PE market in Africa and emerging markets. They appreciated our vision as a first time GP and gave us valuable tailored advice on how to expand our potential investor base beyond traditional sources of funding. Our engagement with MVision’s team, which felt like an extension of our team, assisted us in completing our fundraising process efficiently and enabled us to create long term relationships with a global investor base.

Catalyst Principal Partners - Biniam Yohannes, Managing Director

When MVision helped us raise our first fund, they put us in business. When they helped us raise our second fund, they helped us stick to our business of making investments and helping our portfolio companies. It was a very efficient fundraise. We got in front of the right people on a schedule that worked for us and allowed us to focus on our day job.

Encore Consumer Capital - Robert L. Brown, Scott Sellers, Managing Directors

We have worked with MVision over the course of four fundraisings and view them as a long-term partner for our business. With MVision’s help, the fundraising for Investindustrial V was an unrivalled success, having reached its EUR 1.25 billion hard cap in one of the most challenging economic environments in living memory. MVision helped us to build an extremely high-quality, long-term investor base and their strategic advice and knowledge of global investors has proven of great value in and outside of the fundraising process.

Investindustrial - Andrea C. Bonomi, Senior Partner

MVision helped us raise our third mezzanine fund in CEE. Despite the adverse fundraising environment during the crisis years of 2010 and 2011, they provided helpful strategic and tactical advice. It was a very effective fundraising; we got in front of the right people on a schedule that worked for us and allowed us to focus on our day job. 

Mezzanine Management Central Europe - Franz Hörhager, Founding Partner

What sets MVision apart is their close relationship with top investors worldwide. They understand what LPs are looking at in terms of fund size, geographic focus and investment type. MVision knew where we needed to go and were able to quickly recognize the competitive advantages of our team. They also helped us properly address the aspects that became concerns for potential LPs. We hit the hard cap in less than a year achieving a very diversified and solid base of LPs.

Nexxus Capital - Roberto Terrazas, Managing Director and Chief Investor Relations

What sets MVision apart is their close relationship with the most prominent investors in the world. MVision made the initial introductions and continuously gauged investors’ interests and made sure they understood our story. For an emerging markets fund to have as high-quality of an investor base as we do is a testament to MVision’s value-add.

NG Capital Partners - Alejandro Ponce, Managing Partner

MVision provided us with the strategic advice and execution capability that allowed us to achieve our fundraising objectives in a third of the time we anticipated being in the market. The investor demand MVision created was phenomenal.

Trive Capital - Conner Searcy, Managing Partner

At MVision, we are passionate about helping our clients to succeed.

We act as a trusted adviser and partner to develop a complete understanding of our client’s business and aspirations. We seek to form long-term relationships, supporting them over successive fundraisings. They value our insights and advice in areas of strategy, positioning, funding, business development and brand building.

We take pride in our long established relationships with a global investor base. These relationships give us an in-depth insight into their focus and decision making processes; they enable us to target the optimal investor base for our clients and create effective and efficient marketing strategies.

Through our in-depth knowledge of international institutional investor preferences we believe we are able to find the right investors who will be supportive of our clients and their investment strategy over the long term.

We provide thoughtful, strategic guidance and a streamlined fundraising process that we have developed and refined through the closing of over 100 funds in the last decade. Our experience and methodology results in compressed and accelerated fundraisings, freeing up our clients' valuable internal resources.

MVision combines the resources of a large firm with a global presence, experienced team and specialized functions, with our own customized approach, personally tailored to each individual client.

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