To us,
performance is everything

The sight of geese flying in a ‘V’ formation is familiar around the world. They do so to increase their flight efficiency; in fact, their performance is 71% better than that of an individual bird flying alone. The birds also encourage each other while in formation to maintain their speed.

At MVision, we command streamlined execution tactics evolved over a decade of resourcefulness, investor relationships and knowledge to achieve our clients’ goals.

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With the right partner you can
crack the toughest nut

In Japan, crows drop walnuts on busy roads so that the cars crack the tough shells for them. The birds have even learnt to leave them on pedestrian crossings so that they can retrieve the nuts when the traffic stops.

At MVision, we embrace challenges which require innovative thinking and an original approach. That’s why we’re passionate about working with companies with big ideas and helping them to realise their ambitions. No matter how tough the nut is to crack.

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Russia and CIS focused private equity fund Elbrus Capital II reaches hard cap of US$550 million

FEB 14 | Elbrus Capital is pleased to announce the final closing of Elbrus Capital Fund II with capital commitments of US$550 million. The Fund was oversubscribed, exceeding its target of US$500 million and reaching its hard cap.

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Capvis announces closing of Capvis Equity IV on EUR 720 million

JAN 14 | Capvis Equity Partners AG, a leading private equity in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, is pleased to announce the final closing of Capvis Equity IV with capital commitments of EUR 720 million.

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VIDEO :: The Realities of Raising Capital

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Geese Crow